5 Things Women Can Do to Ensure Good Health

There’s no great secret to maintaining good health, no matter what your age. While it’s difficult to avoid some health challenges, many women maintain a fundamental level of wellness through daily efforts to keep ahead of illness with self-care, in addition to following the advice of their doctors and gynecologists. 

The demands on your time, though, mean that sometimes caring for yourself takes a back seat. You can, however, maximize your health by focusing on a few key aspects. Dr. John Paciuc, an expert OB/GYN located in Manhattan, New York, suggests you find a way to incorporate the following five things into your daily life, and chances are you’ll feel the health benefits adding up before too long. 

1. Natural food lifestyle

Reducing the amount of processed food you eat requires a re-think of shopping and food preparation habits, but the benefits are worth the effort. Focusing on healthy fats, lean proteins, smart carbohydrates, and plenty of fiber leaves you with endless tasty options that adapt to virtually any palate.

Lose the “diet” mindset, since too often it leads you down an unsustainable path. Instead, increase the healthy, natural foods you enjoy while minimizing refined sugars and excess fats. Enjoy the less-healthy foods you love in moderation when it’s not realistic to give them up completely.

2. Increased activity

Adding 30 minutes of additional moderate activity five or more times a week offers benefits like lost weight and lower blood pressure quicker than you may think. However, it’s just the start. Women also need weight-bearing or resistance exercise to maximize the benefits of being more active. Muscle tone plays a role in maintaining defenses against diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more. Choose activities you enjoy, and if you can’t do the full 30 minutes one day, some activity is better than none.

3. Stress management

Unsurprisingly, some experts consider stress management the most important aspect of your life to control for good health. Issues ranging from heart disease to depression to infertility all connect with high levels of stress. Burn your candle one end at a time, and enjoy the stress-management techniques of your choice, whether it’s meditation, yoga, music, or something more personal.

4. Preventive health screening

Many women’s health issues develop without symptoms. For example, cervical cancer develops unnoticed over years; however, it’s detectable and treatable when in a precancerous state. Pap smears are a great way to get a jump on this cancer. Annual well-woman exams may also uncover additional problems in their early stages, when chances for successful treatment are best. 

5. Kick the habits

When you’ve incorporated the previous four things seamlessly into your life, it’s time to tackle the big behavior changes. Smoking is the biggest one. Cutting cigarettes and other forms of nicotine out of your life provides instant health benefits that grow with time. There’s no need to cut out that glass of wine, but keep consumption to five ounces daily. The effects of recreational drugs can be unpredictable, so if you can stay away from them, do. 

Managing these health-challenging habits helps you enjoy the benefits of a better life every day. And when you need specialized care for women’s health issues, contact Dr. John Paciuc at 212-737-3356 or send him a message online. Experience the difference top-level OB/GYN care makes.

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