Considering a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)? Here's What You Should Know

As an experienced OB/GYN, John Paciuc, MD, understands you may have questions about your anticipated labor and delivery, especially if you’ve previously had a Cesarean, or C-section.

Dr. Paciuc specializes in vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) procedures and offers some guidance as to what to expect if you wish and are able to deliver vaginally.

Misconceptions of Cesarean sections

A Cesarean section is a method of childbirth that involves making incisions in the abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. Women who undergo C-sections may do so out of medical necessity due to existing pregnancy complications or issues that arise during labor.

For women who’ve previously had a C-section, there’s a misconception that a vaginal birth is not possible or safe. However, many expectant mothers can enjoy a vaginal delivery safely under the guidance of Dr. Paciuc.

The main concern for VBAC is that a C-section creates scar tissue in your uterus and abdomen, which may lead to complications during a vaginal birth. However, as a skilled VBAC specialist, Dr. Paciuc carefully monitors all aspects of your pregnancy to prevent tears in the scar tissue, as well as other medical complications.

Candidates for vaginal birth after C-section

While not every woman who has previously undergone a C-section is a candidate for VBAC, Dr. Paciuc can determine if you qualify after an evaluation of your pregnancy and overall health.

If you’ve previously delivered a child vaginally or had a successful VBAC with another pregnancy, a VBAC for your current pregnancy may be possible.

Your past pregnancies can provide important information about your suitability for a VBAC. Other factors considered in the VBAC decision include:

You may also be considered a good candidate if you have a low scar from a previous C-section and didn’t suffer any medical complications during that delivery.

Benefits of VBAC

If you haven’t considered VBAC but are now considering the idea, Dr. Paciuc can discuss all the risks and benefits specific to your case during your consultation. There are several benefits to a vaginal birth, as long as it’s safe and possible for you.

The benefits of a vaginal birth over a C-section include:

Vaginal births, even after a previous C-section, can also reduce your risk for complications in future pregnancies.

Another added benefit of vaginal birth is that mothers can often hold and bond with their baby immediately after birth. After a C-section, the hospital may require you to go to a recovery room and wait for the anesthesia to wear off before you can have contact with your baby.

When to discuss options for VBAC

The best way to ensure your health and the safety of your pregnancy is to discuss your desire for VBAC with Dr. Paciuc as early as possible. This gives him time to evaluate your medical and pregnancy background to determine if you’re a candidate for VBAC.

An early consultation also provides you with sufficient time to learn all you can about VBAC through discussions with Dr. Paciuc, reading material, and VBAC-focused classes.

This information is important for preparing your for a vaginal delivery and reducing your risk factors like torn C-section scar tissue and other complications.

If you’re ready to discuss your options for VBAC, contact Dr. Paciuc today using the online booking feature or by calling his office

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