Painful Sex? Here's What You Can Do About It (MonaLisa Touch®)

Women who are at or approaching menopause are coming upon an exciting new part of their lives, one that’s free of the strain of their reproductive years. For many, it can be a liberating time, but some women experience unwanted physical changes because of reduced hormone production. Beyond the usual hot flashes, genitourinary problems can cause changes to the vaginal walls, leading to decreased enjoyment of sex as a result of inadequate lubrication and other symptoms.

Dr. John Paciuc is pleased to offer Cynosure®’s MonaLisa Touch® fractional CO2 laser system to his patients suffering from issues related to the genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). This ground-breaking treatment helps you feel like your younger self again.  

The symptoms of GSM

Another name for GSM is vaginal atrophy, which means the vaginal wall thins and dries out, and it can affect post-menopausal women. Painful intercourse is one common result. Other effects of GSM include:

Other urinary tract issues can also occur, such as urinary urgency or incontinence. These effects typically trace back to changes in the hormonal balance your body undergoes during menopause, when your ovaries decrease the their production of estrogen, the major female sex hormone.

The benefits of MonaLisa Touch

Even after menopause, your body retains regenerative abilities under the right conditions. The MonaLisa Touch system uses a minimally invasive laser probe to deliver a two-part, light energy pulse to the walls of your vagina. Both surface and deep tissues absorb this energy and warm up.

As this tissue warms, your body senses the change and sends signals to replace the heated tissue, a message that otherwise can’t get through without normal levels of estrogen. With this tissue renewal on both levels, your vagina benefits from restored elasticity and regains the ability to produce moisture. If you’re also suffering from related urinary symptoms, you’ll see improvements there too.

The MonaLisa Touch treatment

A MonaLisa Touch session with Dr. Paciuc typically takes less than 10 minutes. There’s no need for anesthetics, since the procedure is well-tolerated by most women. If you have any sensation, it’s most likely to feel like a deep and gentle warmth.

MonaLisa Touch treatments are safe, with no significant side effects, and there’s no recovery time. Dr. Paciuc generally recommends a series of three treatments, spaced at six-month intervals, then annual visits to maintain the benefits.

While individual results vary, many patients notice an improvement shortly after the first treatment. Recovery is easy, although you’ll need to abstain from sexual activity for two or three days after your procedure and follow any additional instructions that Dr. Paciuc gives you. Otherwise, it’s safe to return to your normal routine immediately after a treatment.

MonaLisa Touch treatments can be a game changer when it comes to symptoms causing painful sex. To find out more about this therapy and to determine if it’s right for you, contact the MonaLisa Touch specialists. Call our office directly at 212-737-3356 or schedule an appointment online.

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